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Alleged Witch, Angela Nwosu Reveals Why ‘Juju’ Works On Most Nigerian Men



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Self-acclaimed Nigerian Ogbanje/abiku, Angela Nwosu has revealed reasons why ‘juju’, also known as black magic, works on most Nigerian men.

According to the alleged Witch, love and s3x-therapist, juju enters men who leave their house to go meet a woman with Kanyanmata. She also urged women to value themselves more and stop fighting for men who don’t love them naturally. 

Angela took to her Facebook and wrote:

”Na men dey carry themselves go meet girls. For Kanyanmata or juju to catch man, the man go first enter the girl before e work. Juju no dey work for man way dey im house, wey no enter. Stop saying your man was charmed to leave you, na lie, he wanted to leave you, and he left, move on and stop fighting for him to love you. Value yourself, its important. Every time a man leaves his wife or babe for another girl, you start hearing things like ‘ he was charmed ‘or what can i do to get my man back? My neighbour has charmed him to abandon me’ i wonder when some women will stop being in denial. They start fighting to get the man back, by all means. A man that belittled and humiliated them. Men don’t respect girls that fight to be loved; they respect those they love naturally. i took my leave.”

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