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Edo PDP Crisis: Idahosa Reveals Way Forward, Makes Revelation



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Hon. Charles Idahosa, a chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Edo State Chapter has appealed for a seize fire in the crisis rocking the party in the state, which he said, led to the current suspension and counter suspension of leaders of the party.


Idahosa who made the appeal on Wednesday while addressing a press conference in Benin said, “I am constrained to react to several publications in different print and online media that has now made the hourly and daily bashing of Governor Godwin Obaseki in recent time.

“The one that has made me break my silence now is the one with a sensational headline in the “Navigator” a Benin based Newspaper with a headline, ‘Ogbane hits Edo PDP’ in which a lot of gibberish was said in the course of the reportage, so unfortunate

“Let me take you down memory lane, the term “OGBANE” meaning it has been completed, started a long time ago, the first set of beneficiaries of that rallying cry “OGBANE” was Distinguished Senator Ehigie Uzamere and Rt. Hon. Samson Osagie, when both of them had challenges from the late Godfather Chief Anthony Anenih.

“Their re-election was threatened by the Godfather, who swore that they will never have a second term.

“I said to them, TORGBA, meaning it must complete, I asked them to leave the PDP and come to APC and they did, and when they did we convinced Edo People after they were giving the APC ticket on the need to return them as against the wish of the Godfather.

“OGBANE” was the natural response to the “TORGBA” when we did the Election and they won convincingly”.

“Then, this was not as popular as it was a senatorial affair, compared to the last Gubernatorial Election, wherein both words went viral across the globe.

“For the well-meaning Edo man, “TORGBA and OGBANE” was a rallying cry for their political liberation from the then-upcoming Godfather from “IYAMHO”.

“Today every Edo man, particularly the Binis have a sense of fulfilment that they dared and conquered the forces that the Godfather threw at them in the last Gubernatorial Election.

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“I beg the pardon of religious persons, for us: TORGBA and OGBANE are sacred words too, not words to play politics with, as it would amount to rubbishing our Struggles.

“The integrity that has stood us out as Edo People since human records existed is what I urge all of us to fearlessly and jealously guard. Let no One make a mockery of our struggles as codified in TORGBA and OGBANE.

“Anytime it rains or when the wind blows away people’s houses, they will say TORGBA, Omagbane nia, or when people build on flood channel, or right of way and such illegal building is pulled down as if the Governor was re-elected to come and pamper their inadequacies or encourage them to flout town planning laws and become recalcitrant and lawless.

“I concur also with those that believe that the topmost delivery that Edo people know Gov. Godwin Obaseki for is missing in his one-year second term.

“But the truth is that, when we were running from scorpions, we didn’t know fully that we were bedding with snakes.

“Now, the stakes are higher, integrity is at stake for the Governor and those of us that urged him to move and moved with him to PDP.

“We cannot become political “herdsmen” roaming from point A to B to C because of some few greedy political lightweights” he declared.

While assuring that Governor Obasaki will deliver for the Edo people, Idahosa appealed to the PDP National Working Committee (NWC) to do something to resolve the current imbroglio rocking the Edo state chapter of the party.

According to him, Edo issues would have long been resolved like Benue and Sokoto States if not for the in house crisis that is destabilizing Governor Obaseki.

“The man has begged, cajoled, threatened and done all possible things to make PDP harmonize, but for personal gains with 2023 in mind, the old hawks in PDP Edo are resisting, but sooner than later the right thing will be done.

“I hereby appeal to the Governor and all stakeholders to stop the unnecessary suspension and counter suspension forthwith”.

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