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See How Dennis Idahosa Is Changing The Narrative In Constituency Project Implementation In Ovia



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See How Dennis Idahosa Is Changing The Narrative In Constituency Project Implementation In Ovia

Is Ovia blessed to have a youthful lawmaker? What are the challenges facing the constituents of Ovia? How can Ovia contribute its own quota to the development of Nigeria?

Ovia Federal Constituency is made up of Ovia South West and Ovia North East constituency in Edo State and it happens to be an oil-producing community.

The lawmaker representing Ovia Federal Constituency in the National Assembly, Hon Dennis Idahosa ls presently at the forefront of implementing people-oriented projects across the Federal Constituency.

A total of 25 verifiable projects ongoing across Ovia Federal Constituency were x-rayed by our reporters, a careful study of these projects clearly shows the input of the constituents in the execution of the projects.

All the 25 ongoing projects we visited were at different advanced stages of completion. The most intriguing aspect about the project implementation is that all the projects are time-constrained and the lawmaker has vowed they have to be completed within the  2020 budget circle which will elapse at the end of March 2021.

A break down of the projects include 18 schools(consisting of both primary and secondary), one health care centre, two skills acquisition centres, street light projects in seven communities, industrial borehole projects and an ultra-modern town hall building.

The unique features in all these projects are that the lawmaker is personally involved in the implementation and supervision of the projects to ensure maximum standards are met.

The residents are not left out as well as they form a chunk in the decision-making process to determine which projects are of utmost benefit to them.

After careful consultations among community members and elders, their decisions are passed to the lawmaker who in turn calls for an enlarged meeting with constituents before the final decision on which projects are more pressing to them as a community.

With each project at an advanced stage of over 90 per cent completion, the lawmaker has promised his constituents more people-oriented projects to be covered in the 2021 budget circle.

Legislative duties are not all about making laws for the people or acting as a check to the executive, proposing bills etc, legislator(s) duties also involve providing visible evidence of the “dividends of democracy”to their constituencies, hence the implementation of constituency projects in one form or the other in Nigeria.

The youthful  Lawmaker had this to say In reaction to the zeal and passion which he has exhibited so far in representing the good constituents of Ovia.

“Before I was elected, I was a grassroots man. Now that I am representing them at the federal level, I cannot be effective without having the input of our people. For that reason, I get in touch with them to give me the projects that they will appreciate. All the ongoing projects in the constituency have their inputs. It is a bottom-top approach and this will continue.”

Constituency projects are one of the ways in which a lawmaker assures his people of his quality representation at the National Assembly.

With a deliberate attempt by Hon Dennis Idahosa in changing the narratives in Ovia Federal Constituency, the constituents in no distant time would be proud to beat their chest and say they are proud of their contributions to the positive development of the country.

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