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The Sequel: Obaseki Vs PDP: Dokpesi Finally Speaks Out As PDP Fires Back



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The Sequel: Obaseki Vs PDP: Dokpesi Finally Speaks Out As PDP Fires Back At AIT Boss

Previously on Obaseki Vs PDP:

On Monday, May 10th the PDP state working committee held an emergency meeting where serious issues were raised and thereafter the State Chapter petitioned Obaseki in a protest letter to the National Working Committee of the PDP.

In the highly charged letter, Philip Shaibu was asked to tender his resignation if harmonization must take place and also Obaseki was warned to stay clear from the leadership of the State Working Committee.

The PDP practically told Obaseki to eat his Elephant alone and allow them to eat their little bush meat in peace.

We subsequently advised the PDP to be wary of a political clash publicly with Obaseki as that may erode the little credibility they have.

Anyway as entertainers we won’t shy away from the convos that would surely erupt be it palatable or despicable.

Today on Obaseki vs PDP: Raymond Dokpesi Replies PDP

High Chief Raymond  Dokpesi who was one of the alleged culprits in the petition written to Secondus has replied to the innuendoes fired by the PDP, recall the PDP referred to him as a bad loser and a Godfather.

Dokpesi claims he had no knowledge of the agenda of the meeting he had with Obaseki where the decision to dissolve the State PDP was taken, he further claimed he wants the best for Edo State while stating that PDP would not have won the elections without Obaseki.

He accused the PDP of compromise in the registration of its members. He called for the support of Obaseki and Shaibu while backing a harmonisation.

He further accused the PDP of struggling for positions just six months after Obaseki’s second-term inauguration. He mentioned the role of Godfathers in the PDP and finally called for the dissolution of all state executives of the party.

Before we take the swift response by the PDP attack line up it is worthy of note that High Chief Raymond Dokpesi acknowledges the roles of Godfathers in Edo State PDP.

Could these be the tax collectors the Rivers State Governor, Wike alluded to during the hotly contested gubernatorial elections?

You know yesterday we predicted a bitter faceoff as regards this trending palaver, the only thing was that we said the PDP would be entering this crossfire as underdogs.

But their swift response shows that they may be ready for the verbal exchanges from Obaseki’s deadly media mercenaries.

See 4 questions the PDP’s squad requested we ask Dokpesi.

1. He should tell us why PDP lost his polling unit and Ward in Godwin Obaseki’s election.

2. As chairman of biometric registration he collected N25 million as registration and annual dues but was is it the powers that be at that time in Edo state that made the exercise fail woefully in the 35 other states?

3. It is dishonest to claim that PDP alone would not have won the election against a bitterly divided APC in Edo state. We defeated a United APC in Edo during Goodluck Johnathan’s Presidential election and also won 2 Senators and the majority of the House of Reps seats. We defeated them again during Atiku’s Presidential election and the National Assembly elections.

4. Appointment into the Executive arm of government has nothing to do with the constitution of Party Exco. In fact, most of the members of the Exco were the same people who led the party to victory in the above mentioned past elections. Even recently, they led the party to victory in Obaseki’s election.

Scoreline Dokpesi 0 PDP 8

While we leave our erudite High Chief to answer these pertinent questions let us predict the next action to be expected from the Obaseki’s camp.

Our predictions.

Dokpesi would keep mute after these and get back into his shell, from the tone of reply if he speaks further he would be rubbished, Edo residents care less about the political profile of the High Chief.

It is expected that another mentioned accused in the case, High Chief Tom Ikimi would never make the mistake of replying to the PDP.

Then again, Dokpesi may be Lucky in the sense that Obaseki’s cyber army would do justice on behalf of him, already the social media space is warming up by the sea of Obaseki’s jobless cyber soldiers.

They now see this as an opportunity to gain favour and probably get appointed as a media aide to the Governor.

These people have the energy, zeal and rugged determination and would stop at nothing till their target is destroyed, rubbished and cremated.

While the PDP may give us good punchlines to make fun of Obaseki the end might not justify the aggression. We stand on no faceoff with Obaseki, E get why.

Next Episode on Obaseki Vs PDP:  “Philip Shaibu’s Governorship Ambition And Osarodion Ogie’s Senatorial Aspiration Shakes PDP To The Foundation.”

Stay tuned and subscribe to our channels for the sequel on how Osarodion Ogie’s senatorial ambition and Philip Shaibu’s governorship ambition may be the genesis of the whole fracas.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah writes in from Lagos.

Copyright 2021.

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