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Here are 3 Signs That Shows a Lady Loves You but She is Just Afraid to Tell You.




Ladies are naturally conservative in nature, they tend to hide their intentions, feelings and things that pertain to their emotions as regarding the male gender.

Based on this topic, I shall be sharing with you; 3 signs or attitudes shown by a lady who is desperately in love with you but she’s just too scared to tell you due to the feminine factor, or the fear of rejection or being misinterpreted for being cheap and desperate

  1. When she enjoys your presence and she prefers to spend more time with you than with any other person.

A lady who is sincerely in love with you will heavily fancy and adore your presence, she prefers to spend more time with you rather than doing her own routines. The funniest fact about this point is that; she will give you aimless and pointless excuses that will constantly bring her around you.

  1. When she shares her personal and confidential information with you.

This is definitely one way of telling when a lady loves you. Psychological research has discovered that; when a lady is in love with a guy, she begins to share her private routine information with him even when he didn’t demand it. The reason why she does this is due to her emotional connections to you.

  1. When she feels angry when you talk about another lady in her presence.

A lady who is strongly in love with you will get extremely angry and annoyed when she sees, or hear you talk about another girl to her. In rare cases, some ladies might not show a sign of anger or irritation, but if you are very observant, you will notice her sudden indifference and negative countenance or resentment towards you. She might suddenly develop a lack of interest to continuing in your conversation with her. When she does this, it is a clear pointer that she truly like you and doesn’t want anyone to steal you from her love.

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