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Wailers Are Free To Cry Like Bush Babies But They Can’t Stop Asiwaju Tinubu From Reaping The Fruits Of His Labour(A Short Compilation)



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Wailers Are Free To Cry Like Bush Babies But They Can’t Stop Asiwaju Tinubu From Reaping The Fruits Of His Labour(A Short Compilation)

Say when I move to the left dem go talk…..ahn ahn
Say when I move to the right dem go talk…..ahn ahn
I say anything I do dem go talk…..ahn ahn
Abeg leave story dem go talk…o na na na  ,

Say dem no see me when I suffer… Say dem no see me when I hustle…

Those were the lyrics of Wizkids hit song the other year titled “TALK”.


Here is a short compilation of quick responses to Tinubu’s haters by die-hard adherents of the Jagaban. You know anything Tinubu does dem must to talk, Tinubu donates 50 million to Katsina Market Fire Victims dem go shout, Tinubu donates to ABU University dem say Charity begins at home, Tinubu upgrades Arewa House Library dem say Aboki go betray am.

Anything he does dem must talk, but trust die-hard fans of Tinubu they have continuously defended the Jagaban with their “Witty” responses, some wicked GBAS GBOS on target . Here is a short compilation of savage replies from fans of the Jagaban to haters.

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Abdulrasheed Ahmed

One very important thing I want antagonists of Asiwaju to understand is that most of these projects said to be sponsored by Asiwaju are actually sponsored by his mentees, beneficiaries of his benevolence, supporters, fans, admirers – all those who believe in the genuineness of his good intentions & his ability to turn ordinary stones into priceless gems.
Wailers are free to cry like bush babies, (Afterall, that’s what they are) but they can’t stop Asiwaju from REAPING the fruits of his labour. He has all along secured a great future for himself by investing in people.
When next you see Asiwaju’s name ascribed to a developmental project, be rest assured that one or more of his lovers have done it again on his behalf.

Ifeoma UK….

“Tinubu is a bridge-builder whose influence cuts across all parts of the country, the former Lagos state governor has more friends and supporters in the Northern part of the country than the South.

Those saying Asiwaju will not get the support of Northerners are wrong because the man is even more popular and has many supporters in the North than in the South.

He is the most influential politician in Nigeria today. Even his Northern friends have more access to him than those of us in the South here”.


“Asiwaju’s charity at home include vice president Yemi Osinbajo, Tunde Fashola, Gov. Sanwo-Olu, Ambode, Aregbesola, Sunday Dare, Layi Mohammed, Femi Gbajabiamila and numerous others he mentored to greatness. Another of his “charity at home” is Lagos, a city he transformed from big to mega, from a struggling economy to the 5th largest economy in Africa.
Also, part of his “charity at home” is his ability to make Lagos survive without federal allocation for several years and his resilience & ability to survive as an opposition until he masterminded the booting out of the pompous PDPigs out of power.”

Abdulrasheed Ahmed
“Jagaban’s brilliance is out of this world. His personality & political strategies are unique. The best his haters can do to console themselves over the heartache he causes them is simply to insult him, which inturn adds to his popularity & blessings; for God is always on the side of the one who is abused without just course.
Asiwaju from all indications has no match among the probable candidates that may contest against him. Like I’ve always said, Asiwaju is a moving train, he’s unstoppable.
Please, present & promote your candidate that will be loved & embraced by the north. Asiwaju is our candidate, let’s know yours please. And please don’t forget to let us “dey our dey”.”

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Omo Akinsoji…
“Haters and wailers may continue to hate and wail against this special bred.
They  should know that whom God has blessed remain blessed and no man can never curse such a person at all.
While their leader is attending birthday and wedding ceremonies in Dubai Jargaban is meeting with leaders of thoughts around the world here in Nigeria how to fix the country kudos Akanji the almighty Allah will continue to strengthen you on your mandate l / we stand no apology”

On his charity …..

“He has done the same thing throughout South West o. Each States in South West have a Library Sponsored By BAT. A bi eyin eniyan mi? The money is made in South but spend for the benefit of the North. God of heaven is a true judge.”

Wicked responses right on point. Wizzy don talk am , they will never see the labours and sacrifices Tinubu has made to deepen democracy. But when Tinubu moves to d right dem must talk, moves to the left dem go still talk.
Abeg leave story Tinubu is the biggest subject in our polity today.

So when next you hear the wailers throw tantrums at the Jagaban then share a short compilation for them. Tinubu is way too big.


Una mumu never do ? See how Alh Abdulfatai Yunus nailed it.

“He was represented by the Master in Nigeria and northern politics, and u still dey underate this man….ur mumu deserve certificate of return.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah, senior correspondent Bush Radio Academy.

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