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Who The Hell is Obi Cubana? Think Ezego, Think Obi Iyiegbu!



obi cubana

‘Cubana’ is a name that is soon likely to pass into lingual usage among Nigerians as something that indicates ‘a lot of money’ or ‘minted notes falling to the ground’ or even ‘a burial ceremony that is so exorbitant that it sinks hundreds of millions of Naira into the ground’. Any one of these will be fine. To know the origin of the word, one might have to travel to Afor Uzo Oba, a town in Anambra State.


Expensive burial ceremonies did not start with the individual known nationwide as Obi Cubana (real name Obi Iyiegbu), but his organisation of one is likely to become the yardstick for subsequent ones. This is what folks have noted after the businessman spent almost half a billion in total (as some have estimated) to give his late mother, Lady Ezinne Uche Iyiegbu (JP), a befitting burial.

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With over 500 cows received as donations from his friends, not to mention the 200 million that accompanied these cows suggested to bystanders that this man intended to shake Anambra State. And after a ceremony where minted notes were more conspicuous than the sands in the area, Cubana and his friends did shake the State. Which got people asking, who is the fellow and what does he do?

According to sources who claim to know him, Cubana is the founder and Chairman of Cubana Group, a company with controlling stakes in many restaurants and nightclubs across Nigeria. Although he is not known to have been born with a silver spoon, Cubana’s influence in a sector that encourages camaraderie among clients who are like pirates evidently served to craft him one.

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Nevertheless, the man is said to be a graduate from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka whose protégé, Cubana Chief Priest, helped brand his name among elite party lovers in Nigeria, especially those of Igbo descent.
What better way to get everybody interested in you? Commemorate the passing on of your relative, get friends who can donate, spray and spend hundreds of millions without batting an eye — be an Obi Cubana.

Credit: ThisDayLive

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