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Decisions You Can Trust: How Federal lawmaker, Hon Idehen Is Making A Huge Difference In Legislative Duties To Constituents 



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Making the lives of constituents easier is the ultimate job of being elected by those people to lead. Constituents must feel they are important and valuable to elected representatives and they must know they matter when it comes to legislative duties by their legislators.

A new survey completed by ICEO Research suggests that Egor/Ikpoba Okha residents are quite convinced that the current lawmaker representing them, Hon. Jude Ise-Idehen has made a huge difference.

According to the survey, about three-quarters of respondents have a positive or somewhat positive impression of Hon. Jude Ise-Idehen.

Listening to constituents, advocating for them and believing in them gives them the hope that every constituent feels supported and validated.

The first time Federal Lawmaker has indeed scored well above average in meeting up with the demands and needs of his constituents as the impact of COVID-19 keeps ramping up and affecting every aspect of our daily lives.

One thing that will certainly make the lives of every constituent better would be the stepping up of efforts to accelerate diversified economic activity and to ensure that its benefits reach everybody in society.

In the area of skills acquisition and empowerment, Hon Idehen has made a huge impact in getting his constituents meaningfully engaged, creativity and innovation have been his hallmark in reaching out to constituents.

For instance his workshop and empowerment drive for more than 200 craftsmen encompassing, Electricians/Auto-electricians, Mechanics/Auto-Mechanics is making an important economic contribution to Egor/Ikpoba Okha Federal Constituency. Constituents look forward to the next phase of this laudable scheme.


Representation is the function of protecting the interest of the people represented by being their eyes, ears, and voice in governance.

The continuous training of women and youth on confectioneries and cosmetology with participants furnished with start-up capitals have started yielding tremendous results on self-empowerment.

A representative that responds in an immediate and personal way to his constituents is indeed a leader, Hon Idehens’s advocacy on health care policies and support have bailed thousands of constituents from the excruciating health challenges faced.

With a periodical, free surgical eye operation for constituents, Hon Idehen has proven to be a legislator that listens attentively to his constituents and in turn proffer life-changing solutions, thousands have continued to benefit from free cataract surgeries, distribution of free eyeglasses, free medications etcetera.

This initiative covers both the young and old irrespective of gender.

His educational transformational agenda keeps improving the learning condition of constituents and covers  ICT and Entrepreneurship Training, Distribution of Educational and Instructional Materials to Public Schools, Essay Writing Competitions (Primary, Secondary & Tertiary) where participants are awarded tuition supports, laptop and school welcome packs, etcetera.

Legislators are representative of the people and as a result, they are charged with the duty of protecting the interests of the people they represent. His motions on the floor of the green chambers have always advocated for the best for Egor/Ikpoba Okha constituents, Edo citizens and Nigerians at large.

The push for economic growth for his constituents has seen the lawmaker facilitate capacity building for Traditional and Community leaders to peacebuilding that tends to embrace relationship building which in turn creates a peaceful environment for entrepreneurship to thrive.

For legislators to compliment the efforts of the various other tiers of Government all efforts have to be redoubled on all fronts towards commitment to excellence and service to the people.

Elected officials generally want to make good policy. Many come to their respective legislative bodies because they want to make a difference and be part of good government.


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