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He trained Me To School, Got My Mum A Business But I can’t Marry Him Because He’s An Illiterate- Lady Cries Out




This particular story is very objective in that this frustrated lady is proclaiming she never solicited aid from her suitor and was betrothed to him at a tender age without her consent. Now her level of education and exposure can’t allow her to marry a 45 year old illiterate.

In a detailed message, she sent to relationship expert Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah of iRelationship

Please help publish.

Let me be as Frank and polite as possible, my name is Lucy and I am from Edo State.

There is this present suitor of mine who is about 45 years and wishes to marry me.

He sent me to school at age 15 when he was yet struggling, my parents earlier on betrothed me to him when I was six years and I assumed it was all a childish gesture.

I grew up calling him my husband.

Jude which is my Suitors name never wanted me to lack, he had to drop out of school for me to get back to school.

He assisted in the market of my mum and bought a taxi for my dad.

We lived in a bit of comfort courtesy of his benevolence. Well, I never forced him all this while.

Now take note am a virgin so it’s not like we were making love.

I have practically lived my life in his arms.

He was committed to the relationship while I was committed to making my parents happy.

Recently he bought a house for my dad and is currently building one for my mum.

I have since graduated and started working in a first-class international IT company.

What I presently earn would double whatever my suitor has seen in his life.

Now he has proposed and I declined this infuriated him and he approached my dad in bitter complaints.

Now the family has called a meeting insisting I must marry him.

See I can’t marry him because of my exposure and he is uneducated. How do I attend board meetings dinner with an illiterate? How do I face my colleagues that would be laughing at me?

I have offered him 200 million as compensation to be paid 50 million a year for four years, he refused, my mother has threatened to disown me, my dad has not eaten since.

My suitor is worse he seems to be on life support because he has been dumb since without speaking to anyone.

Please, what wrong have I done? He can start again I have the money to compensate him.

What do you advise I use in approaching this pressing issue?

Thanks, Lucy

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Source: iReporteronline

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