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Insecurity May Erode The Credibility Of 2023 General Elections- Moses Omo-Ikirodah Cries Out



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Insecurity May Erode The Credibility Of 2023 General Elections- Moses Omo-Ikirodah Cries Out

Moses Omo-Ikirodah has lamented the skyrocketing rate of insecurity across the Nation, saying the alarming trend is capable of truncating our nascent democracy if allowed to continue unabated.

According to the Edo State politician, the ongoing cycle of insecurity is not only impacting negatively on citizens but also businesses are at the mercy of the rising surge.

In an interactive session with reporters, Moses Omo-Ikirodah decried the high rate of poverty amongst Nigerians saying the Government must make concerted efforts to alleviate the suffering of the common man by putting in place machinations that would see to the amelioration of poverty across the country.

” It is appalling that the rate of banditry, kidnapping, armed robbery and violence has escalated in recent times thereby casting doubts on the unity and coherence of our Nation.

It is worrisome that this ugly menace transcends beyond the elites and is now applicable to the common man.

No doubt, the hungry man is a very angry man, a pitiable situation whereby kidnappers now even go as low as demanding 50 thousand naira as Ransome speaks volumes.”

Moses Omo-Ikirodah further called on the Federal, State, local government and community leaders to join hands together in curbing the menace.

“The Federal, State and local government councils should see it as a collective responsibility in tackling this peril that has befallen us. Even the input of the local government councillor would go a long way in battling this evil threat.

Enhanced community policing is also a panacea, as these criminals have local roots that can be traced.

The naked poverty is just too much in Nigeria and the government must take decisive measures in decreasing the rate of poverty among the populace. The government should as a matter of urgency set up machinations in place to deliberately ameliorate the plights of the suffering populace.

This menace if not properly put to a halt would erode the credibility of the 2023 general elections as credible aspirants would stay off from participating in the elections.

The current insecurity would make it near impossible for genuine and patriotic lovers of the country to campaign and reach out to constituents without the fear of getting kidnapped or ambushed by bandits, killer herdsmen or local cult gangs.

The implication is that there would be a drought of credible leaders to partake in the forthcoming general elections thereby flooding the field with unscrupulous politicians who are in the race only for the sharing of our common patrimony.

It would translate to the mass production of bad leaders.

Moses Omo-Ikirodah also urged citizens to be super vigilant and do the best they can in assisting the security agencies in combating these heinous crimes.


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