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It’s Better Igboho Dies In Benin Prison Than Be Extradited To Nigeria —Lawyer



sunday igboho

A lawyer in the legal team of Yoruba Nations agitator, Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Sunday Igboho, Ibrahim David Salami, says it would be preferable for the freedom fighter to die in prison in Benin Republic than for him to be extradited to Nigeria as he would not get justice.

Salami who was a guest on a BBC Yoruba programme on Saturday vowed that he and the legal team, both in Nigeria and in Benin Republic, will do everything possible to ensure that Igboho is not handed over to the Nigerian government.

“It is important that Igboho is not extradited to Nigeria under any circumstances,” Salami, a law lecturer based in Benin, said.

Sunday Igboho

“It is better for him to die here in Benin than extradited to Nigeria.

“With all that happened in his house and how the army is threatening him, allowing for his extradition will amount to sending him home to death.

“Rather than do that, it would be better to keep him in Benin and kill him than to let him go to Nigeria to be slaughtered like an animal.

“That has been our struggle and agitation here in Benin,” Salami said.

Salami added that Igboho’s fate would be decided in court on Monday and the judge will determine whether he actually committed an offence in Nigeria warranting his extradition.

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“The Nigerian government has written a letter to the Beninese government listing three offences against Adeyemo, namely illegal arms trafficking/stockpiling, public incitement and secession. But that will be decided in court on Monday, ” he insisted.

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