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An heartbroken Nigerian man has narrated how he discovered that his fiancée in the UK is pregnant for another man.
According to a close friend of the man who shared that heartbroken story on Twitter, the man sent his fiancée to the UK for an undergraduate programme and has been footing all the expenses for the past 2 years.

They reportedly had their traditional introduction before she travelled, however, the lady has been living with another man in the house he rented for her and now pregnant for the other man.

Upon this discovery three months ago, the young man who is in Nigeria has slipped into depression.

Narrating the heartbroken story the Twitter user @Lionezz__ wrote,

“Today makes it 3 months since a friend discovered that his fiancée he sent to the UK for an undergraduate programme, is pregnant for another man. For 2 years, she had been living with another guy in the apartment he paid for and still collecting school fees from Nigeria… Dude is sunk into Instant depression”.

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