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Insecurity: Nigeria Governors Forum Has Failed Nigeria – United Patriots Assembly Of Nigeria (UPAN).



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The bitting deterioration of security of lives and properties in Nigeria ought to be uppermost in all concerns of Nigeria Governors Forum, sadly, the seeming permutation for 2023 Presidential election has derailed it from it’s otherwise basic concern for all Nigerians. Security votes by it’s nature has never been subject to audit query, unless in the very recent past when the Buhari administration investigated Retired Col. Sambo Dasuki disbursement of former President Goodluck Jonathan’s security votes to some party bigwigs. It is a notorious fact that security vote is the most attractive concern for gubernatorial office, and it is hardly utilised by empirical evidence of cascading insecurity across the States and highways of our country.

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It was high time the Nigeria Governors Forum constituted an anti-terrorism commission, to aid her complimentary governance of our country. It is fools Hardy to rely on the Presidency to fight insecurity when State Governors can deploy complementary dragnet towards impactful efforts. The anti-terrorism commission should consist of social and cyber security intelligentsia of Nigeria and foreign nationals, with a view to radically and holistically interrogating or investigating the root causes of our seemingly collapsing security infrastructures.

The Forum appears to be alive or resurrect from death in the mainstream and social media, only when issues of federal accounts and Local Government autonomy is in the talking points of the federal government or in the front burner of national discourse. This is unfortunate as it is regrettable that an otherwise formidable platform for complimentary governance of our country has been reduced to self-inflicted irrelevance. The current players of the Nigeria Governors Forum should know, that – history is the graveyard of the impacts of all political players, and a groundswell of indictment awaits all Governors who are failing their respective States and Nigeria by extension.

Comrade Aiyamenkhue Edokpolo fcdm,


United Patriots Assembly of Nigeria

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