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10 Ways To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is ”Wife Material’’



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10 Ways To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is ”Wife Material’’

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Before you propose, please spare a moment to properly reflect and decide if your girlfriend will make a good wife.

Yes, loving her is a valid prerequisite, but as they say, love alone is not enough in marriage; there are other factors worth considering.

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Below are ten ways to know if your girlfriend is wife material when that time comes.

1. She is not materialistic

It’s no secret that many women love money because only with it can they afford the various luxuries of life.

While it’s natural for you to meet the financial needs of your girlfriend, it becomes unpleasant if these needs become too much, negatively affecting your financial situation. So, if you have a girlfriend who doesn’t excessively ask for money, start making plans for a proper family introduction before another man snatches her away.

2. She tolerates you

The foundation of every relationship is built on mutual understanding, birthing tolerance between couples.

There is a reason courtship exists before marriage. It gives partners more time to understand each other and conclude if they are ready to tolerate the behaviours exhibited by both parties.

Imagine having a girlfriend who picks fault in everything you do, there is a high probability that life may become unbearable once she becomes your wife.

3. She has a good relationship with your mother

Every Nigerian knows that girlfriends hardly please their lover’s mothers.

Gaining your mum’s approval sometimes requires divine intervention and a series of goodwill actions.

If you notice your mother likes your girlfriend, don’t waste time asking her to become your wife. A girlfriend loved by a mother-in-law has shown to possess proper and adequate skills required of a good wife.

4. A good listener

Being a man doesn’t mean you don’t have bothersome issues that you want to share with someone. This is why it’s best to be with a girlfriend who readily grabs a seat and happily listens to you rant about either your horrible day at work or a family problem.

5. She makes you happy

Finding a woman that makes a man burst into laughter is becoming quite difficult nowadays, so if your girlfriend is a low-key comedian, better hold onto her tight.

Being with someone comical reduces the chances of getting into severe arguments after marriage.

6. She is your biggest cheerleader

If she doesn’t support you, then she is not wife material. Period!

Life brings different obstacles across our ways, and it is essential to have someone to lean on to get through them. If that “someone” isn’t your girlfriend, maybe you reconsider the relationship altogether.

Remember, a supportive girlfriend equals a loyal wife.

7. She respects you

With the introduction of several western ideologies, disrespect in relationships is becoming prevalent.

A girlfriend who respects you not only proves that she is traditionally and morally sound but reflects her humble upbringing, a skill she could pass on to your unborn generations.

8. She vibes with your friends

There is a high probability that your friends were already there before your girlfriend came into the picture.

If she makes an effort to know and hang out with your friends, and is open to accepting everything about you, including people you care about, then she is wife material.

9. She openly expresses her feelings

Trust us when we say you don’t want to get married to a closed book. Open communication leads to understanding, which leads to a happy life.

Don’t think of your girlfriend as wife material if she fails to express her feelings and thoughts to you openly. For example, anytime you have a misunderstanding and want to address the situation adequately, she brushes it off and asks you not to worry.

10. She brings out the best version of you

Sometimes to become successful, we need a little push in the right direction. If you desire to become a better and authentic version of yourself, your girlfriend should be able to push you to step up your game and take that giant leap towards achieving your goals and dreams.

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