Health Benefits Of Garden Eggs



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Unknown to most people, garden egg is one of the greatest foods, in terms of health benefits, for weight loss, pregnant women and people suffering from high blood pressure.

Promotes weight loss

Eating of the eggplant, especially the greenish type, is beneficial in weight reduction because it contains low carbohydrates and calories essential for weight management.

Overweight individuals who want to lose weight or those who wish to retain their normal body weight can add eggplant to their diet as well.

Rich in antioxidants

Anthocyanins, nasunin and flavonoids are important and powerful phytonutrients and antioxidants in eggplants that help to protect the body system and add many health-promoting benefits to the human body.

Anthocyanins are responsible for the deep purple color of eggplants and also helps in preventing the development of cancer as well as other diseases that result in bacteria.

Anthocyanins found in eggplants possess antioxidant properties that are responsible for protecting the whole body system.

Rich in Vitamin B

Garden egg is a natural source of vitamin B’s such as thiamin, niacin, B6 and pantothenic acid that helps the body in the proper use of fat and protein; and also contributes to the nervous system positively.

It helps in brain development and also helps in making sure that the immune and nervous system works properly.

Promotes healthy bone

They contain a good amount of potent minerals such as folate, manganese, vitamin K, magnesium, vitamin C and copper that help in bone strengthening and general bone health.

Consuming eggplant regularly is highly beneficial in preventing the risk of bone degradation and osteoporosis. Garden egg also contains some amount of iron and calcium aids in reducing the chance of osteoporosis, thereby keeping your bones strong and healthy.

Helps in digestion

Garden eggs are fibrous fruits that help in proper food digestion and control of bowel movement. Due to this fiber content in the fruit, they reduce constipation and improve digestion.

Garden eggs are believed to be one of the greatest sources of dietary fiber which is an essential element in any balanced diet.

Good for pregnant women

These fruits are packed with minerals, vitamins and other nutritional properties that play a key role during pregnancy.

The properties in garden egg help both pregnant women and unborn children for healthy situational conditions.

Garden eggs are also rich in folic acid which is beneficial to pregnant women. Folic acid protects infants from neural tube defects that do occur.

Credit: DailyTimes

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Health Benefits Of Okra Are Wonderful




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The usefulness of okra has made it popular around the world. It is packed with a lot of valuable nutrients that are of benefit to the human body.

Known to originate from northeastern Africa, the pods of okra compose healthy amounts of vitamin-A, and flavonoid anti-oxidants such as beta-carotene, xanthin, and lutein; it is one of the vegetables with highest levels of these antioxidants.

However, it is important to note that vitamin-A is essential for maintaining healthy mucosa and skin.

Be that as it may, studies have shown that okra and other natural vegetables and fruits, rich in flavonoids, help to protect from lung and oral cavity cancers.

Research findings have also shown that the Eugenol that is contained in okra helps fight against diabetes. And the fibre that is present in it also helps stabilize blood sugar level by delaying sugar absorption from the intestines.

Here are some of the wonderful health benefits of okra

Studies have shown that okra helps lowers the chances cardiovascular disease as a result of the soluble fibre contained in it, which naturally reduce cholesterol.

The finger nail plant is also known to be loaded with pectin, which has been shown to reduce high blood cholesterol by altering the creation of bile in the intestine.

Breast cancer is fast becoming one of the deadliest illnesses that threaten the lives of women all over the world. As a matter of fact, it is believed that one in eight women are affected by breast cancer during their lifetime.

However, a study has it that a lectin isolated from okra instigated cell suicide in breast cancer cells. The end result of the study showed that the growth of the cancer was inhibited by 63 percent.

The liver is one of the most important organs in the human body. With the help of vitamin K, it produces proteins that are important in blood clotting. It also helps in breaking down old or damaged blood cells; one of the many reasons why it is dubbed the body’s prime detox organ.

However, okra ensures that the liver which is very important to the human body is protected from disease. As shown in one study, a chemically-induced liver disease in rats was efficiently counteracted by okra.

The study also goes further to state that pre-administration of okra extract help check the effects of damaging free radicals that cause liver disease.

Studies have shown that vitamin A and beta-carotene found in okra are essential nutrients for maintaining good eyesight.

In addition to the mentioned health benefit, vitamin A and beta-carotene are known to help prevent eye-related diseases such as cataracts. Vitamin A also help protect against age-related eye disorders.

Okra has been shown to provide ample calcium and magnesium; and by so doing, it helps in preventing both calcium deficiency and magnesium deficiency.


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Awesome: 21-year-Old Delta State, Dalyn Chris Wins D Guv@50 Film-makers Challenge (photos)



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Awesome: 21-year-Old Delta State, Dalyn Chris Wins D Guv@50 Film-makers Challenge (photos)

It was all smiles as 21-year-old Dalyn Chris from Delta State won the converted first prize in the Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen D guv @ 50 Film Makers challenge.

The much anticipated Film Directing Masterclass was organised as part of activities to herald the 50th birthday celebrations of Legendary Edo born multi-talented and international award-winning Film Maker, Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen, DGN.

The movie “Cruising Nation” won the first prize beating Micheal Okagbare and Alexander Effiong from Akwa Ibom State to second and third place respectively.

It was a day of glitz and glamour as the massively packaged event was well attended by members of the Filmmaking industry, the young, the old and as well as the up and coming.

The Chairman and CEO of  Lushvile Hotel and Suits, Mr Omoruyi Akpata gave a motivational speech to the audience. The event was proudly powered by Lancelot Imasuen Centre for Global Culture and Entertainment, the Benin film academy, the gov @50 planning committee, Nevada Bridge TV, Lushville Hotel and Suites and the DGN himself Amb Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen.

See beautiful pictures from the event below…



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10 Traits Of Men Who Deserve Your Loyalty For Life




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1. He values you

You’ve never been left wondering where you stand in his life, as he constantly reminds you that you mean the world to him- in words and deeds.

2. He’s the person you want to talk to

No matter how good or bad it was, no matter how terribly you messed up, there’s no one you would rather share it with than him, because he’s tolerant of you, listens to you, actually understands and at the end of the discussion, you just  better about everything.

3. Life is simply just better with him in it

Your life was remarkably beautiful before you met him, but since he came in, he has managed to make it more beautiful than you ever thought possible. Please, don’t leave him.

There’s a chance that you’ll regret it terribly if you do.

4. He’s uncomplicated

There’s no complication – no shady conversations with an ex who keeps popping up on his phone. No colleague at work who’s too close for comfort, nothing.

It’s just you and he makes that abundantly clear in words and actions.

5. He’s all about you

If he makes it clear to you that it’s you he wants to spend his future with, and he speaks of that future with you, then really, that guy is a keeper. Not much really matters aside this TBH.

6. You never get tired of each other

If you gel with him so beautifully that time is never enough when you both are together, then, don’t leave him.

Your conversations are never boring, being with him is always sweet, limitless fun and it pains you every time you have to leave him for only a few hours or few days, then why would want to leave him for good?

7. Always makes you smile

You catch yourself thinking about him, or you are just looking at him speak or goof around, and all you can do is smile… babe, what else do you need to stick with such man that makes you that happy?

8. Makes you feel beautiful

If he looks at you the way I look at dodo [by the way, I look at dodo with so much adoration in my eyes, all the time], then you should totally hang in there.

On a more serious note, any man who reminds you of how beautiful you are, and how awestruck he is every time he looks at you, with or without your clothes on, he’s someone you really want to be with for a long, long time.

9. He meets you halfway

Many ladies have complained about being the ones doing most of the loving and rarely do the guys meet them halfway.

Thus, when you meet a man who is an exception to the rule, who really ensures that the relationship is not one-sided, then you shouldn’t be thinking of dumping him, especially if he does many of the other things listed in this article.

10. Best sex

If on top of all these things, you still manage to get the best sex of your life from him, and on a regular basis [as many times as is comfortable and interesting for you], then why would you even think of leaving him?

Aunty, why???

You’re immensely lucky if you have a man who does a lot of these things, and as you read through them you smile because the hints are all there.

You’ve found yourself a keeper, and you should hold on to them.


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