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Here’s The Phrase That Could Reveal Your Man Is Already Cheating – Relationship Expert Speaks



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Here’s The Phrase That Could Reveal Your Man Is Already Cheating – Relationship Expert Speaks

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A relationship expert has explained what it means when guys claim someone is “just a friend.”

Many men will actually use this phrase when shutting down cheating accusations.

Cory Skonlnik, 33, took to social media to claim the phrase “She’s just a friend” is a huge red flag.

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He claimed that when anyone uses this phrase it means: “I keep this person around as a backup for whenever I get bored.

“They may replace you if you leave. In fact, they may already be acting as a valuable side piece to me.

“If you complain about my shady behavior with this person, I’ll make sure you seem like the controlling one.”

Many actually took to the comment section to agree with him, with one person writing: “If this person was really just a friend, she would understand his boundaries and respect his relationship.”

A second claimed: “I learned that if another person isn’t introduced by name, only as a ‘friend’, stay vigilant.”

And a third spoke from true experience, saying: “Yep, and his ‘friend’ is now his wife after I left when I caught them cheating.”

Previously, another relationship expert claimed that a man gifting his partner lingerie is usually a red flag.

Tina Wilson revealed: “If your only gift is lingerie, it means your beau is thinking more of himself than you.

“He will be the one looking at it and enjoying it on you, so it’s more a gift for himself.

“If the lingerie is completely different to anything you’ve worn before (and you don’t feel comfortable), it’s definitely a gift for him.

“Lingerie can be an awkward gift,  but it’s actually pretty telling if you have very different perspectives on what you like, and could signal a bigger divider than you imagine…”

And if they kick up a fuss because you don’t want to wear it? Tina added: “Buy him a neon glitter G-string and that’ll drive the message home.”

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