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Nigerians only consider religion during elections not when stealing — Bishop Kukah



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Matthew Kukah, Catholic bishop of Sokoto diocese, says religion is only an issue during elections in Nigeria.




He said those who consider the security crisis in Nigeria as a religious issue are misleading the citizens.




He said insecurity will not end in the country if citizens continue to deceive one another.




Kukah spoke on Friday during an interactive session with journalists in Sokoto.




“As long as we do not stop deceiving ourselves, Nigeria will not be secured and the future will continue to sustain same injury,” he said.




“It is only in Nigeria that when it comes to election, we start thinking of a Muslim or Christian president, but when it is stealing, corruption or sharing we are all the same.




“I did not say a Christian should be the president of Nigeria but what I always argue is that we need a leader to protect the country.




“We need to believe that the unity of Nigeria is always in our hands and nobody is more important than another, our country is paramount than anybody.




“In Nigeria, we pray a lot and we should continue to pray because nothing surpasses prayers.




“It is no longer time to blame anyone for the security challenges but a time for all of us to join hands together in addressing our collective situation.”




He urged Nigerians to embrace peace, pray and continue to support the government in the fight against insecurity.

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