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The Oracle: Why PDP Would Regret A Million Times If It Ever Engages Obaseki In A Faceoff



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The Oracle: Why PDP Would Regret A Million Times If It Ever Engages Obaseki In A Faceoff

Benin City: You all must have heard the latest gist in town as regards the faceoff between the Edo State chapter of PDP and the Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki.

The crux of the matter is Obaseki’s reluctance in incorporating the legacy members of the PDP into the running of affairs of the State. Obaseki has refused to extend his hand of fellowship to them in terms of political appointments and patronage.

The PDP has appropriately acknowledged they were handicapped because the National Working Committee of the party negotiated  Obaseki’s entry into the PDP without carrying the State Working Committee along.

Now they are greatly agitated, they have read Obaseki’s body language and have come to the realization that it is a game of Boju Boju, which is the more you look the less you see.

Obaseki has clearly put the appointments of his aides and cabinet members on hold pending when he harmonizes the state executive of PDP to reflect the APC intakes and the legacy PDP members.

In a typical James Bond stunts, the PDP has cried Fa, fa ,fa, foul , they say Obaseki wants total control of the party under the guise of harmonisation. So the game plan is that after the PDP is dissolved Obaseki would take over the structure of the party and thereafter appoint only hardcore loyal members as aides.

And even at that Obaseki is not expected to appoint a big cabinet or over-bloated aides, already consultants are doing the jobs at the government house in Benin City.

To us, we see this as entertainment, while to the players they see this as politics, then whatever the electorates see it as is left for them to decide.

So many conspiracy theories are flying out, there is the theory that Obaseki is set to take total control of the PDP by creating a faction and making the State chapter of PDP ungovernable before his decisions are taken. This is a great feature of Obaseki, like I said mine here is to entertain so I would share the details as much as I can without feeling obliged to any individual or group of persons, so it is better you flow with me with an open mind devoid of any sentimental feeling or political ideology.

Now the local Government election coming up is a litmus test for Obaseki to actualise these moves. They claim Obaseki’s choices for local government election would be recruited via the political platform AA.

You know local government elections are under the purview of State Electoral Bodies, these bodies are remote controls in the hands of the Executive Governor, like the remote button the governor decides the volume, channels, on and off switch etc. Everything about the control of the state electoral body is directly in the hands of State Executives.

Shey una sabi fowl wey dem lock for inside cage without food for long? You see when you finally release the fowl give am TINY food E go rush am like say E life depend on am.

The next step is to lure these PDP members that have been put in abeyance all these while with small CHOPS, small contract and of course spread some special assistant jobs around.

Anyway, how they intend to battle it out is left for the party to sort themselves out, the purpose of my write up today is to clearly warn the PDP to please spare Edo residents another round of bitter political rivalry that would stall any development accruing to the State. It is better Obaseki does whatever he likes at his own pace and timing than for Edolites to witness another round of political clashes by the Governor and his political party.

Edo State did not bargain for eight years of political war, the first four years of war is ok if truly all parties want the State to develop even if it is at snail speed.

I have written before that Obaseki is an ORACLE, (no b juju b that? in Asari’s Dokubo’s voice) and it is better the wise allow him be. If PDP should continue its battle with Obaseki it would be the greatest mistake the party would make in all its years of existence.

As stated earlier I am a passionate political writer who tries to entertain his audience with CREDIBLE LEADS. Am not compelled or owe anybody any apologies for my content. Fear Obaseki is my advice to PDP, if they like let them continue and say Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah did not warn them. Whatever credibility the party might be gaining with the current state of disillusion pervading Nigeria would be lost in the twinkle of an eye.

This fight would make PDP be the most hated thing in Edo State if they don’t allow Obaseki be, PDP would be turned into a despicable object on the social media space that they would weep anytime they hear the name Obaseki. When they start with Chief Dan Orbih that time dem go know say Air Conditioner no be FAN, before they get to the PDP state chairman, Dr Anthony Aziegbemi the party must have been cremated.

Lessons can be learnt from other people’s experiences without necessary going through the horrors of a personal experience. Obaseki has no joy when he fights his battles, if the PDP do not want us to entertain our audience further then it is advisable they just lick their wounds privately and strategize quietly instead of putting up a brave battle with Obaseki.

After crumbling the structure of PDP the party would lose its face to the general proud EDO public that adores and cherish Obaseki for whatever reasons best known to them.

Obaseki remains an Oracle for the now, I think we should bother ourselves more on handling the crises we have in Nigeria than drawing the public to a clash that does not even have balanced competitors. PDP is way too small for Obaseki to crumble they should handle this with care. The PDP would regret it a million times if it engages Obaseki in a Faceoff.

For me it is better we just navigate our way for the next three years than giving ourselves unnecessary headaches, whichever way Obaseki wishes to run Edo State should be left for him to decide.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirdoah writes in from Lagos.

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